Friday, 18 November 2011

Party Political Tax Grab

So, as Political Parties are losing membership and now think its a good idea to subsidise themselves using taxpayer's money.

Where the fuck did that make sense? What the fuck makes them a special case? And who exactly says which political parties get what money? Are we really saying its just for the big boys, or will smaller parties like the BNP get funded by the taxpayer? To my mind its a ludicrous idea.

I mean, if Political Parties are becoming (as they are) less democratic, then its obvious they will be less relevant to the ordinary people and will lose supporters and members.

Tough shit if they cease to exist: its natural selection, survival of the fittest. If they are no longer relevant, no longer democratic, no longer represent the voice of the people, then they don't deserve to exist. They should go the way of any other organisation that lives off private donations and doesn't get public support.

There is absolutely no reason they should be allowed to ransack the public purse. There is no god-given right for them to exists at taxpayer's expense.

Instead, why the fuck don't they do what other successful organisations do and change to become more relevant to their current and former supporters? Then they might get donations again.

The fact is they're so cut off from the reality they think robbing the public and carrying on ignoring us is an excellent plan. And these are the people we vote into office. The very people that have no morals, no compunction about voting themselves pay rises while the public suffer deprivation and see no wrong in planning to rob the public purse while ignoring the public voice.

Oxygen thieves the fucking lot of them.

You see the problem is we have no ability to sack them mid-term using political means. The only way to get them out of office is apolitical: we use violence and rule of force. There really is no other way. Once the public cross that rubicon and truly understand the situation, just as the Arabs did last summer, things should get really interesting.

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