Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I'm amazed the people of Italy aren't on the streets baying for blood.

Apparently Mario Monte has announced a cabinet comprised entirely of technocrats. In other words a cabinet, a complete government comprised entirely of unelected officials.

I take it that's a model taken from the EU commission, a model in this "post-democratic age" that we are going to see more and more. By the way, has anyone noticed this phrase "post-democratic age" being bandied about? In it's literal meaning, it means after democracy. So therefore for us to be in a post-democratic age we therefore have to be living in an age where democracy no longer exists....

So do Politicians who use it really believe that democracy is a thing of the past, something the people aren't to be trusted with? Because if someone who represents me in any capacity and who's wages I paid said I no longer had the power to hire and fire them, I'd be a bit peeved to say the least. More likely I'd be shoving my boot up their arse and firing them.

Any member of Parliament that utters the phrase or agrees with its sentiments in my opinion no longer has the authority to stay in that position. People from this country died to uphold democracy, it is not something we should lose.


  1. I remember some years ago hearing a BBC programme in which some Italian voters expressed the hope that being in the EU would actually help to reduce the corruption in Italian politics.

  2. Well they're certainly taking the politicians out of Italian politics....

    Whether that solves the corruption is up for debate.


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