Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Whys and Wherefores of Looting.

There is currently much speculation as to the reasons for the outbreak of riots and looting this summer. The reasons are many, but they are also simple.

First off, it was hot, sunny weather. It was guaranteed that there would be no rain. The sort of evenings you'd spend out in the garden, or if you don't have a garden, out looting with your mates.

Second, (if you are in the first wave of looters) you are virtually guaranteed no comeback. Police response times were extremely slow (it took a full day to amass a strong enough force to cope) so as long as you were careful to cover your face, cover your tracks and be cctv aware then you had a good chance of getting away with it.

Third, even if you were caught, the sentence would be light. An inconvenience in reality. If you did get sent to jail, it was no worse than being on a sink estate and going through the ignomy of the benefits system. In jail you don't have to keep filling out endless forms, your meals are prepared for you, etc.

Fourth, everyone is at it. Even Police are scamming the taxpayer by abusing credit cards or doing dodgy deals. ACPO sell information from the Police Computer... MPs fiddle expenses, civil servants abuse their state credit cards,. Councillors do dodgy deals and backhanders, council officials award themselves vast, unwarranted salaries. Don't call the underclass immoral when everyone else, all the way to the top is just as immoral. When those at the top set an example, then they can pontificate about morality. But I digress: if everyone else is bending the rules or breaking the law, why not the underclass?

Fifth, the lack of responsibility and respect today. It used to be that children feared their parents, but not thanks to liberal social engineering, its the other way round. Do-gooders can't see the benefit that discipline in the home brings to society. Instead they emasculate parents and allow children to run free, with no moral compass, sense of respect or responsibility. Instead we have a breed of sociopaths that care nothing for anyone else but themselves. They can quite happily rob, riot, rape and murder and not feel remorse.

These are the things we need to address. At the same time they are simple and complicated to resolve. Simple because it only requires simple changes to society to turn things around. Complicated because it involves the whole of society from the top down.

It took decades to ruin this country and it with take decades more to pull it from the mire.


  1. There's no putting Humpty together again.

  2. so true , any point in bringing national service back?

  3. National Service is probably against 'uman rights, innit.

    Something has to be done to reverse this socialist hell we've descended into. Don't say its irreversible. I'm sure it can be reversed, it just may take a little time and some spilt blood to do it, because its gone so far.


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