Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riots: I don't Condone, but I Understand Why.

What happens when you disenfranchise a huge number of young people? What happens when their political voice is ignored? What happens? You get riots.

Lets set one thing straight: I do not condone the looting that has been happening over the past few days.

However, I understand why it is happening. I understand the frustration of an underclass ignored by society. Failed by the education system that refuses to instil discipline and fails to inspire, failed by the immigration system that allows better educated foreigners to take masses of UK jobs. I understand the frustration of an unemployment system that is designed to lock you in rather than empower your release.

I understand a society that prevents parents from disciplining their children sufficiently, I understand a government, both local and national that harasses and demonises them at ever opportunity.

I understand the frustration of seeing society revolve ever tighter round the great god retail, seeing huge temples erected to consumption and the spending of money, but be soundly locked out of it. I understand why  rioters would want what everyone else has.

I understand the need to be heard, to get attention, to show people you exist and can push back as much as you have been pushed about by society.

I understand the poor example provided by the political elite, whose behaviour should be beyond reproach, yet who defraud the voters, who see no wrong in illegal activity, who ignore the masses and refuse to allow them to express their views in a fair way.

I understand that left alone, with no support, no guidance and no discipline, that these youngsters will become feral, have no morals, no sense of respect and no remorse for their actions and the destruction they have caused.

Society has created a generation of sociopaths and we are now reaping the whirlwind.

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