Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Blame the Parents?

On the news this evening there have been more than a few calls of "where are the parents?" when it comes to dealing with the rioters.

True, some rioters are of an age where they should be under parental control, but the problem is the state decrees that children cannot be sufficiently punished by parents. Give your kid a slap and social services could be on your doorstep issuing edicts as to how to should parent your child.

In effect by meddling in this way the state has taken control of the parenting of these kids and it is failing. It is failing because the state cannot begin to control each and every child individually.

It should be done by the parents of the children and the state should leave them to the job of parenting instead of trying to get involved.

Like any other area of family life it gets involved in, the state has royally fucked things up and it is reaping its reward.

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