Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What made Murdoch Mortal?

The thought at the back of my mind throughout all of the media storm about News International is: what has made Rupert Murdoch so mortal?

For decades he was untouchable, the kingmaker, his support was essential for political success. Politicians crossed him at their peril, lest some tidbit of scandal about them was dragged out into the public domain.

Just how have things turned round so quickly and so fully? What has given our politicians the confidence to go head-to-head with Murdoch and in effect win, given that News International are backing out of the bid for control of BSkyB? What do they have on Murdoch that has wounded him so mortally?

There is more to this affair than meets the eye.

The really serious thing that has been highlighted this week is the unholy alliance between politicians, the press and the justice system. Our elected representatives have for a long time been too cosy with the people that control the media and our justice system in the form of the Police and the CPS are also wrapped up in the cosy cabal.

The prime example is the initial investigation into phone hacking which went nowhere, thanks to limited terms of reference and lack of political and media support. It was destined and probably designed to fail. Months later we now know that the problem was a whole lot broader than the hamstrung inquiry could investigate.

Its quite clear the Politicians, Paparazzi and Police swim in their own cosy cesspool.

Cleaning it up will be a major task, one that the current political system will be unwilling to undertake. We need new brooms to sweep away the shit.

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