Sunday, 24 July 2011

What Does the Tragedy in Norway Tell Us?

Mainly that it's very hard to detect a lone nutter with a plan for mass murder. Also its very hard to stop that nutter from carrying out their plan without detecting him in the first place. My condolences go out to the people of Norway affected by the tragedy.

The only solution to the "problem" of lone nutters is big walls and checkpoints around every city. However, we moved on from that centuries ago because as a race, we realised that the risk of getting killed was minimal and therefore acceptable. Even during the IRA bombings in London and Northern Ireland, people went about their daily business knowing that there was a risk of being killed or injured, but that risk was comparatively small.

Of course after those many centuries the relative safety of our cities (I say relative because our cities are certainly NOT safe for certain age/social groups), has lulled us into a state where any threat has to be nullified.

Well, that's the state our politicians are in, because there's now a threat, they will have to be seen to be acting on it. What's the betting that this act of terror will be hijacked by our government for their own purposes?

I'll be watching......

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