Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Letter to David Willetts, My MP.

                                    Thursday 14 July 2011

Dear David Willetts,

I note that on Monday the 11th, you voted to increase our contribution
to the IMF by 9 billion pounds, primarily to help with the economic
crisis in the Euro-zone.

Please can you tell me how the IMF intend to repay this loan, given
that the countries in trouble (for instance Greece) are certain to
default on any money loaned to them?

If the countries the IMF loan to defaulted, would the IMF themselves
default our loan to them, or are they still required to repay it? If
so, how would they raise the finance to repay the loan?

I would also ask you to confirm whether the money provided for this
loan by the government requires the UK exchequer to pay interest on it.

Yours sincerely,

Lets see what sort of reply I get... probably a simple fobbing-off, but you never know.

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