Monday, 18 July 2011

Just a thought on The Murdoch Issue....

I just had a thought: Rupert Murdoch's fortunes seem to have nosedived since he started nosing around F1.



  1. I loathe F1. Cannot see the point of watching cars go fast in circles. So the point of my comment I'm afraid is that I have no idea that Murdoch has been.

    And on F1; Why on the one hand does the BBC show fuel guzzling cars for entertainment and then on the other has the BBC propaganda arm of the Global Warming eco-fascist movement?

  2. Modern day F1 has always been about politics rather than the sport itself.

    It allows the BBC to open back doors and gain influence, in the Arab states for instance and now in China and other emerging markets thanks to them recently joining the F1 circus.

    Its also a corporate affair, where big name sponsors can hold court in exotic but controlled surroundings.

    Its also a technology demonstrator in those same important emerging markets. Its not insignificant that the majority of F1 teams are based in the UK. Its a demonstration of the type of high-class engineering the UK could make its global niche, if only the British education system was of sufficient calibre to support it.

    Finally its about the sport. The spectacle of F1 basically provides the opportunity to bring all of the above together, cleverly knit and manipulated by Bernie Ecclestone.


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