Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Emergency" Legislation (the worst kind) coming on Police Bail.

It looks as though the police will get their way as always and MPs will bend over backwards to reinforce an age old bending of the rules.

The Police (Detention and Bail) bill is due to be rushed through Parliament ASAP.

I've yet to look at it as I haven't seen a copy online, but rest assured it won't just re-establish the staus quo, I'm sure there will be an extension of Police powers over and above those they were (ab)using before the court decision last week. Its always the way that the Police draught a wish-list and it gets put on the statute books and what better time, when supposedly chaos reigns and MPs will do very little scrutiny of the bill and rubber stamp it because they need to be seen to support the Police and the political establishment.

The bill needs careful looking at and I implore bloggers everywhere to give it the scrutiny it deserves. After all this is about the restriction of people's liberty before being charged and if not carefully crafted, could have people harassed by the Police and be required by law to report to them for interrogation time and time again ad infinitum without any time limit and without any new evidence to answer to, which is tantamount to state-sponsored harassment. Its that point the judge was acting on last week.

I may be wrong, but the nature of the beast and previous form by the establishment says we need to be vigilant.

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