Friday, 22 July 2011

Does anything NOT give you cancer?

With monotonous regularity the medical scientific world spews up some report or other that says that some foodstuff or lifestyle infinitesimally increases the risk of contracting cancer.

But now we're plumbing news depths: being tall increases your risk of cancer.

We're now getting to the stage that soon we'll be told just being alive increases your risk of cancer; which it does, because dead people don't contract cancer, you need live cells to do the mutation and uncontrolled reproduction.

So, the only sure way to beat cancer is die before you get it. Anything else is just being dealt the shitty end of life's long stick. The best way of beating it is living your life to the full and not listening to the scaremongering busybodies  who would have us live our lives wrapped in cotton wool. Then if you do get dealt a dodgy hand from life's deck of cards, you can at least say you had a bloody good time and didn't waste your time on earth.

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