Monday, 6 June 2011

Possible Jobseeking Opportunity Ahead.

We had one of those meetings today... the sort of meeting that leaves you with a heavy heart and "Oh Shit" running round your head.

Yes, we're not doing too well in the current economic climate and jobs will have to go. Last in, first out means I'm in the firing (literally) line.

Its no suprise: sales fell off a cliff when the VAT rise came in. Overnight sales dwindled to a trickle. Plus with no-one buying new sportscars, there's no new blood for us to sell accessories to. The fiscal malaise has spread all over Europe, except it seems for Scandinavia.

So that's it: tonight I'm jobhunting as previous experience tells me its easier to get a job whilst still in a job.

Wish me luck.


Two people in the office got the bad news today. We expect our area to hear something tomorrow.


Three people axed, luckily not me amongst them.


  1. Damn , more competition ,
    Beat of luck

  2. Thanks Subrosa.

    Sorry PC, it isn't my fault, I assure you!


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