Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More Osama Questions than Answers.

I received a joke by text today: "Ten years of searching, trillions of dollars spent and thousands of soldiers lives later, finally Osama Bin Laden has been captured and killed......

In his own house.

Although making light of the situation, it reinforces a set of serious questions: why was a man wanted one of the most powerful nations in the world in a house at all? Why had he settled down there? Why wasn't his whereabouts known earlier? Is settling in one place the actions of a serious fugitive?

Talk about hiding in plain sight.... Well, as much in plain sight as can be behind huge screening walls and opaque windows.

Of course there are questions about how he could have stayed in one place for years without support in Pakistan. Not necessarily from the national government, but more than likely from someone locally.

What is plain however, is that the obfuscation of the American government is so confusing the issue so as to feed the hundreds of conspiracy theories already being put forward. Right now, thanks to the various versions of events, no-one knows what to believe and everyone believes nothing.

You could almost believe that the American government is deliberately causing confusion. But the reality is the problems are caused by the Mainstream media, who readily grab for easy tidbits and exagerate minutiae of news far beyond the point of credibility. The 24hr rolling news monster needs constant feeding and every iota of information is examined and stretched beyond credulity and common sense.

Thus is the way mass media becomes unreliable: in the scramble to best the opposition, uncorroborated news is protrayed as gospel and reporters refuse to scratch deeper than the superficial face value at which they currently operate. Nothing is questioned, everything is reported, true or not. Just to vary the narrative of the latest 15 minute news segment.

Again the mainstream lets us down.

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