Saturday, 7 May 2011

John Denham: Fucktard of the Year?

John Denham, supposedly Labour's Shadow Business Secretary actually shows himself to actually be Labour's Shadow Chief Fucktard.

Apparently he thinks that the Con-Lib coalition has no mandate after the local elections. Apparently this supposed MP has lost his brain and has forgotten a few things:

First, that local elections are not national elections: all the Liberal losses prove if anything is that people don't like the Libs throwing away their principles in order to get into power and should have held out for more say in government.

Second, does he think the drubbing Labour got in Scotland means they have no mandate there? Will he enthuse Scottish Labour members to gather enthusiastically round SNP policies.

Finally, isn't he being a bit hypocritical? After all, Labour were the party that went to court and successfully argued that political parties should not be bound legally to fulfil manifesto promises. That one legal manoeuvre gave all the current political parties the opportunity post-election to back out of promises made pre-election. Thus in essence none of the political parties in power have a mandate, until the link between promises and action is restored because they can quite legally promise the earth, but then not deliver.

John Denham, stuck in his little political bubble. Possibly the Fucktard of the Year, although I'm sure the year might bring along a more qualified candidate. Yes, I'm watching you Vince....

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