Tuesday, 19 April 2011

"Could"? "Could"? I'd say its an absolute neccessity:

David Cameron says he could veto Gordon Brown's move to the IMF.

I'd say it should be a cast iron guaran.... no hang on... bad wording.

I'd say it should be a certainty. Not because in my opinion Gordon Brown is the most incompetent Prime Minister this country ever had, but also because if he was allowed to move to the IMF it would stink to high heaven.

During his tenure, Gordon Brown watched over the biggest bailout of private companies in this nation's history. Hundreds of billions of pounds were sunk into the banks, which were in essence companies. Those companies, when they were solvent, paid dividends to private shareholders. They did not contribute to the coffers of the treasury other than the tax revenue they paid, like any other company.

The government's obligation, if it had any, was to secure the money invested in the acounts of the high street banking arms of the big banks. It didn't have any obligation towards the casino style investment banks, yet Gordon Brown oversaw their bailout and rescue.

What he should have done is let the insolvent banks fail, compensate high street bank account holders and then let the solvent banks pick over what was left.

In that one act, he consigned us to decades of austerity rather than a short, sharp shock.

So not only is Gordon Brown in my opinion unfit to hold even the lowest job in any financial institution, it also sends the message that a senior minister... THE most senior minister in the land, can divert huge amounts of the countries capital into saving an insolvent industry that didn't need to be saved, then having "saved" that industry, leave his ministerial position for a while and take a senior job in that very industry.

If that isn't tantamount to corruption and misuse of ministerial powers, I don't know what is.

And for those pedants, I don't care that we didn't bail out the IMF. I'm more concerned with the cosiness of his relationship with the banks, which obviously influenced his decision to waste so much taxpayers money.
Back room deals with big bankers are obviously not the exclusiveterritory of the Tories. The sooner Labour voters wise up to the fact that none of the traditional working class heroes like the Labour party and the Unions are run for their benefit any more and are just out to exploit the very people they're supposed to stand up for, the better.

Anyway, back to the original point: I'd appreciate it if Gordon Brown wasn't given a feather-bedded retirement nest-egg of a job thank you very much. In my opinion sack cloth and ashes are far too lenient for the misery he's going to cause my children and grandchildren for decades to come. For the first time I think in a very long time, I'm a member of a generation that can look forward and see a less prosperous future for my offspring. Thats a fucking depressing thought I can tell you, and I know who's to blame.

And no way does he deserve a fucking cushy job at the IMF.

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