Sunday, 17 April 2011

Another Military Security Leak.

In yet another example of how our government seems not to give a flying fuck about the security of military secrets nor be anywhere near competent enough to understand the ramifications of security breaches, the BBC have a story about how a document about UK nuclear subs could have its redacted parts reinstated.

Those parts gave great detail about our subs and also U.S. subs that should not be in the public domain.

Given my previous post about Chinese workers helping to build our carriers and the fact ministers were expressing a wish to have them built cheaper abroad and the news this week that yet again our forces are being put in harms way without the proper support,  I'm of the opinion that our government isn't fit to be trusted with any military matters. Whilst things are allowed to continue as they are, we will continue to see consistent failures in our military adventures.

Of course they will be spun as successes, but the evidence is opposite, where we've had to do deals with opposing forces in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to maintain peace.

Our government seems to have forgotten we go into military conflicts to win, to establish a decisive victory, not to settle for some uneasy stalemate.

Currently it seems, our military forces are so hamstrung by government and its procedures and processes, stalemate is all we can ever acheive.

Secondary to all of this of course is other government information: if they can't be trusted to keep the most secret military information secure, how is less secret information treated? Of course we all know, the loss of discs containing tax and benefit data shows the utter contempt government has for the information it gathers.

From the DVLA giving out driver and vehicle data to any tom dick or harry that wanted it, to unsecured data held in insecure conditions, it would appear that any information held by the UK government is up for grabs.
Even our elected representatives, our own MPs are so dellusional they are happy to have foreign nationals handle sensitive military data and don't see the harm in it.

This contempt for our military secrets has to stop.

As an aside, we've just had the most prying census ever, asking a number of questions that to me, seem to be absolutely no business of the government. Especially considering how the government handles that data, do they really have the right to ask for it?

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