Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Royal Wedding Set to Cause Anger in More Ways than One.

A couple of weeks ago we were handed a memo at work: the Royal Wedding Day, although designated a public/bank holiday, we're going to be working. Despite there being no collections or deliveries to work, we'll be soldiering on as normal.

It seems in these tight financial times, other small businesses are doing the same: either not allowing the holiday, or making employees who have the day off take it from their annual leave entitlement.

I'm sure those people that have to work during the day despite it being a supposed public holiday, or have to take time off because their employer is closed on the day and are forced to use a day from their annual leave entitlement will not be happy. Its already caused friction at work thanks to the contradiction of it being a public holiday, but not decreed as such by law.

Next on the "Angry about the Wedding" list are those people that are set on protesting during the proceedings. With the rumours of Police snipers covering the route, it should be entertaining if one of the pseudo-anarchist mob gets their head blown off whilst attempting to get their "hiya mum, I'm on telly protesting" minute of fame.

Of course there's the Jihadist threat, but they're angry about everything anyway, but I'm sure they'll want to have a pop at crashing the party. Given the tight security on the day, I guess the only weapon that could be used is the suicide bomber. I assume this is the reason the Met's hijacked the fact that the recent protests have featured people wearing masks and threatened to investigate anyone wearing face-covering masks. Anyone wearing a Burkha on the day would seem to be fair game then...

Overall, am I disappointed about missing the big day? Nope. To be brutally honest, her madge and her spawn have no interest for me apart from their mad rantings. I mean, what purpose do the fulfill? Okay, they're a tourist attraction, but I'm sure we could employ a group of actors a lot cheaper instead. They do bugger all constitutionally, so really have no function. If for instance, while Gordon Brown was squandering billions of our money Lizzie called him in for a chat and let it be known publicly she'd told him not to be so spendthrift, I might think they're worth the money, but to be honest, I can't see what we'd lose if they weren't there.

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