Thursday, 17 March 2011

Libya No-Fly Zone Tonight? Meanwhile Bahrain suffers.

As per my last post, the pace of action against the Gadaffi regime is being speeded up and its possible that the diplomatic decks have been cleared enough to get a U.N. resolution on a no-fly zone tonight.

It could well be that the next step, getting boots on the ground could happen within the 2-5 week revised timescale.

All in the name of protecting the people you understand, nothing at all to do with securing the oil supply. No siree.

Meanwhile, the Bahrain situation continues to spiral downwards, with our ally the Bahraini royal family cracking down on the "terrorists" who really only want a bit more democracy, thanks to hired Saudi soldiers (mercenaries or thugs with guns might be better terms) who insist on shooting anyone that protests.

The situation in Bahrain is the same as Libya but no-one seems intent on doing for the Bahraini people what is being done in the name of the Libyan people, a staggeringly hypocritical (but entirely predictable) reaction from the world's political elite.

People are dying in Bahrain at the hands of an undemocratic regime, just like people are dying at the hands of an undemocratic regime in Libya.

In these days when the word equality is bandied about with abandon and we're day on day forced to treat people of all races, creeds and religions without favour, our government should take a leaf out of its own book and start treating both countries in the same way.

Currently British nationals aren't being targeted in Bahrain, as we're not seen as the enemy, or the problem. That may well change the longer we stay silent and do nothing to help the Bahraini people reach their goal of democratic representation. It would be a crying shame to radicalise yet another country against us because we did nothing.


The resolution has been passed and the no-fly zone will be established.

The resolution has a clause in it that sanctions "all necessary measures" to ensure the safety of the Libyan people. Currently this is being touted as not sanctioning an invasion. Expect that to change once the air war and naval bombardments fail to completely curtail Gadaffi's forces and/or remove him from power. Expect to hear that he cannot be trusted and the West cannot work with him. Expect to start hearing that intervention on the ground is necessary to ensure public safety in Libya.

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