Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Doing Deals With the Devil.

I heard on the Radio today two separate reports: the first stated that America amongst others is considering arming Libya's rebels in order to give them enough materiel to fight on an even basis with Gadaffi's regime. The second was the unsure nature of the rebels themselves: are they all Al-Qaeda, partly Al-Qaeda, or a teeny bit Al-Qaeda. All a U.S. analyst could say honestly is that no-one knows.

So why the fuckkety fuck is any government in the West considering arming them, especially if there's a chance those weapons could end up in Afghanistan or elsewhere in the world pointed right back at us?

Even boy Cameron is making noises that supplying arms to the rebels may be possible as sanctions against Libya were really only targeted at the Gadaffi regime.

The number of times we've backed one side against the other, supplied them with arms only to be bitten in the arse by the very people we're supplying shows that Politicians just can't be trusted with learning the lessons of history.

Just let the Libyans slug it out and may the best dictator win... sorry, I meant may the very democratic and not at all dictatorial rebels.... sorry, freedom fighters, who aren't in the slightest bit allied to Al-Qaeda (although we don't know for sure) triumph over that Gadaffi chap who did a very bad thing by extorting money out of the oil companies.

And may a porcine patrol provide air cover for the jolly decent (and not all all Al-Queda) rebel (and not at all terrorist) forces.

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