Monday, 21 March 2011

Boots on the Ground?

I heard the first inkling on the news today that troops could be deployed if necessary in support of the anti-Gadaffi rebels.

Didn't take long did it?

Of course its not its something that's been pre-planned...... is it?


  1. Goodness I hope not, we can't afford it.

    Both in terms of lives and in cash. Why are we intervening anyway, these people hate us and everything we stand for. Yes they hate Gadhaffi at the moment , but they've had 30 years to get rid of him.
    The 'Arab League' arer already back sliding.

    Let's spend the money 'if we have to', it just burns a hole in MP's pockets doesn't it on Japan, New Zealand, anywhere that actually likes us and doesn't eventually want to either enslave us or kill us.

  2. Sorry PC, but there are rumours are that the orders have been given. We're going to put troops on the ground, possibly only in a limited capacity but as I don't know how big the deployment is going to be I can't say for sure.

    As for affording it, we all know that Cameron is cut from the same cloth as teflon Tony. Yet another middling politician aspiring for a place in history, ready to sell his soul (or more accurately several soldier's souls) for the chance.

    As you say, the rebels only love us while we have a common enemy (my enemy's enemy is my friend), but once Gadaffi goes, we'll be the baddie yet again.

    I'd love to see us donating to a cause like Japan, given it wasn't a man-made disaster.


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