Sunday, 6 March 2011

Armed Forces Voice Concerns via Open Letter to the PM.

It seems my source was right and there are serious misgivings about the cuts in capability our military are enduring.

They have already sent a letter to "slasher" Cameron in an attempt to get through his thick skull the amount of damage he's doing to our armed services.

I can understand why its happened: Jock Stirrup, (a political ace rather than a fighter one) was understandably concerned that "his" RAF (the RAF that really only provides air support for ground services these days, "his" RAF that regularly fails to intercept incoming Russian bombers in a timely fashion because there are so few flyable interceptors tasked to the role), was already relegated to a support role and would unduly suffer if cuts were shared equally among the armed forces.

So instead, his brainwave must have been to remove the airborne part of the close co-operation aspects of the Navy, thereby ensuring the RAF would be tasked to do those roles instead.

So instead of having helicopters, harriers and amphibious land forces in combined forces that had taken several decades to finely hone, all living and working together on the same Naval vessels, able to steam to any distant trouble spot, the future of our armed services is a hodepodge of services, all under disparate commanders, with top cover provided by land based RAF aircraft duct-taped into place flying probably at maximum range with little loiter time over the theatre of operation who could take several hours to rearm after expending ordnance.

Not only will the air support role now be royally fucked up, but it seems after a few waves of redundancies we'll have little or no manpower to put into theatre either.

Great: I posted a couple of years ago we were being catapulted back to the seventies. I was wrong.

We are being sent back to the 1930s, an age with a ruined economy, an age where our armed forces lost all capability, fixated on chucking bombs out of aircraft in an attempt to pacify the natives. An age where we were lucky to prevail against overwhelming odds no thanks to a ruling elite whose first instinct was to capitulate, where it took a few good strong enlightened people to drag this country forwards.

But today we don't have anyone in politics speaking with an enlightened voice, providing an alternative view, railing against the destruction of our country.

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