Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I'm tired of Political Posturing.

We have a Tory Government that says its cutting costs to reduce the deficit, but continues to increase spending.

In Manchester, we have a Labour-led council cutting front-line services and jobs just to prove a political point.

In Liverpool, we have a Labour-led council very publicly removing itself from the Coalition government's "big society" (whatever that is) project, possibly losing out on a funding stream just to prove a political point.

I'm sick and tired of party politics, politics for the sake of making the other guy look bad, no matter what the cost in terms of jobs or services.

I'm sick and tired of knobjockeys in charge of local councils awarding themselves astronomic pay packets, and then cut jobs at the bottom of the pile.

I'm sick and tired of them playing fast and lose with the jobs and lives of their employees, just to prove a point. I'm sick of them cutting front line services instead of the second or third line pet projects that can and should be cut, just to prove a point.

I'm sick of our coalition government professing to be Euro-sceptic, when its steaming full speed ahead with scrapping the last bastion of our sovereignty, our armed forces.

I'm sick of all of this political posturing by our political elite at the expense of our nation and the jobs of those at the bottom of the pile.

I'm fed up with those who profess to protect the jobs of the working class, the unions, being in bed with the political elite they profess to oppose, awarding themselves the self-same astronomical pay packets on the back of hard working (but obviously gullible) workers who pay their dues, just because they can.

I hear more and more people saying the same things and the ideas and thoughts I hear expressed in homes and the workplace will become very real, very soon. The talk of revolution over the past few years has been catalysed by events in the Middle East. People are seeing that rather than being able to do nothing, quite the opposite is true.


  1. I agree entirely, and I know many, many more that also agree. The time has come to stop it.

    1. David A Palmer7 May 2012 at 11:36

      As long as the masses are asuaged (paid enough) they will remain subdued, as the capitalist western economies collapse (many of us predicted this over 25 years ago along with Russian Communism - all fed by Greed) take away the income from the masses, watch the have's get more and have not's get even less and you will only need one spark to set it all off.... IT IS HAPPENING NOW....

  2. Someone on Breakfast TV this morning said that it will take another 18 months for the UK economy to completelt collapse. I do believe this forecast, so many people are in a terrible finacial situation and no one is recognising it.

  3. David A Palmer7 May 2012 at 11:38

    Please, if you comment on Delphius Debate - dont be anon - stand up and be counted.


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