Monday, 10 January 2011

Undoing of an Undercover Policeman causes me Unease

Its been all over the media today, the story of an undercover Policeman offering to give evidence to the defence in the case of protesters arrested for atempting to organise a protest at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station..

There are a large number of issues raised by this case and by now we're all fairly clued up as to what they are.

These are not terrorists: (my personal opinion is they're a misguided bunch of individuals following a cause that doesn't exist, i.e. global warming), but they weren't intent on harming anyone or taking lives. They weren't in the great scheme of things a great threat to anyone. So why would the Police have such a huge interest in a group like this? Is it because they are anti the staus quo? Is it because they exercise their right to protest? Just what is it in this group (and others) that the Police viewed as a significant threat?

I doubt if it'll ever happen, but I'd love to know how high this debacle goes in the Police and Home Office.
One thing I'd put money on is there being more Mark Kennedys out there.

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  1. By coincidence at the time this "protest" was going on, I arranged with a councillor to show two climate change sceptic films in Derby Council House. We knew there was a possibility of disruption from these people and the councillor was able to arrange for a police presence on the gate.
    From phone conversation with the protesters, we learned that salaried staff from Oxfam were taking part. Oxfam, like other "on message" charities receives substantial funding from the taxpayer.

    It's called "civil society". The EU and government pay pressure groups to tell them what they want to hear, which will advance their agenda - in this case "green" policies to combat "climate change".

    Of course, I don't approve of agents provocateurs. Yet the "stop climate change" crowd are just as extreme as the animal rights people.


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