Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Our Military: Pride and Sorrow.

There are a lot of ways our Military personnel give us pride, the main one being the way they selflessly follow orders and put themselves in harms way. Our military personnel are highly trained and highly respected throughout the world.

But there is a lot to to give us sorrow: a couple of weeks ago I caught sight of H.M.S. Ark Royal. Now laid up at Portsmouth, her carrier deck now resplendent with containers, no doubt part of the decommissioning process. Its a sad sight to see the flagship of the fleet so unceremoniously pensioned off with such indecent haste. The same goes for Ark Royal's carrier force. And the Hawker Siddley Dominie radar and navigation training squadron now also pensioned off.

Look on google maps at the many RAF airfields around the country. Lots of them appear empty. Look at our military ports and you'll see a handful of large ships docked there. Just what has happened to our military over the decades?

Do we have a military worth having these days?

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