Sunday, 9 January 2011

Continuous Car Tax

Anna Raccoon has a piece about a proposed change in the law to require us to insure our motor vehicles even when they aren't on the road.

Well, I for one think its a step too far and I declare now, I will not consent nor comply.

Just like with SORN and its inplications that you break the law by not informing the DVLA.

Its against common law and natural justice that you commit a crime for doing nothing. If I am in a resting state, i.e. doing nothing it should be imposible for me to commit a crime. Its only by legislation that that status quo can change.

Any such legislation is wrong in every way possible. Assuming someone who doesn't insure their car is a criminal and then by legislation making them a criminal if they don't is just so idiotic I really can't comment without swearing.

It really does seem that the government is intent on making everyone in the country a criminal.

Just like the previous Labour government: in fact I have yet to see any distance between the underlying policies of them and the Coalition. Okay, there may be tweaking and window dressing, but has anything fundamental changed?

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