Thursday, 25 February 2010


I'm going to take a rest from this blogging lark.

I don't know if or when I'll be back. I just don't have it in me to carry on.

There is so much fucking injustice and deceit in this country, I don't know if I can stomach reading the shit that passes for news these days.

I did think in the early days of my blogging activity that when the Conservatives got in there's be a change for the better. But as time is passing and as we get closer to the election, is becoming clearer thats not going to be the case. So, why the fuck am I here? Nothing I say or do will make a difference. I don't have influence money or power, so really and truthfully, why the fuck should I be bothered about what happens in Westminster? The shit will just happen anyway as its all a stage-managed con, just as believable as the result of a wrestling match.

And I'm not alone: I betcha that this year will see the lowest turnout or voters for a general election. Because they too get the message that they don't count and will never see the sort of change that will grant them their wishes.

Fuck it. Fuck the obsurd futility of it all.

This Week's Revelation is:

That I'm good for fuck all aparrently.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


This report by the BBC on a speech made by George Osborne, says volumes about how Labour percieve the world.

Its obviously through several layers of rose-tinted lenses, as to state so dellusionally that "Since 1997, the UK has seen the biggest increase in income per person of any nation in the G7."I guess I can see where they're coming from: I suppose before the financial shitstorm that Labour created happened, that statement could be true, but not today, not after we're in so much debt, not after thousands of full-time jobs have been replaced by part-time ones, not after we've been deluged with millions of immigrant workers, not after failing to reduce the 5 million unemployed, not after running up a huge national debt.... need I go on.

Labour really are dellusional, they exist in an alternate reality which seems to exist only in the bubble of Westminster.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Policing in the UK.

My post about the EDL had me thinking about the state of policing in this country. Just where has it gone wrong?

I believe it lies in the compartmentalisation of government departments and the ability to say "its not my responsibility" when dealing with difficult subjects. We've all come across it: I've experienced it in local councils many times and even managers in the private sector spend too much time arse-covering rather than developing business. No-one takes risks any more. Our risk-averse culture has neutered any sense of responsibility in business and the public sector.

So, how does that work with regard to policing? Well, it means the police will do everything their political masters request of them. To do otherwise may damage careers, or reduce budgets. So, when whoever is in charge says "arrest a mob of protestors", they get arrested. Whether its within the law or not (and thanks to the 4000 new laws created by Labour, there will always be a law to suit the facilitation of arrest and search) the political will is done and the police will then say its for the CPS to sort out. The problem there is the fact the CPS will always have a political fop in charge, placed by the government, who does everything he's told by his bosses in government. So, although there is no overt politicisation of the police and they will always deny such, by abrogating reponsibility the police allow the system to be politicised.

That, I'm afraid is the wrong way to go about it. IF the police are saying all we do is scoop up whoever we are told to and then we let the CPS deal with them, then the police are acting unlawfully and it has to stop. The police only have a mandate to act if they have the consent of the people. If they continue to act unlawfully or as I believe widen the unlawful activity, then they will only bring themselves into disrepute, losing the will of the people to respect and co-operate with them. No amount of government stautes give the police legitimacy without the consent of the public.

What should have happened at the weekend is that the police should have stepped back a bit and looked at the motivation behind the arrests. As far as I can see, the main reason was political and at that point, the police should have recognised the fact and refused to comply.

The police should have dealt with any trouble at the demonstration itself, but should not have got involved with the denial of democratic process. Thats where they stepped over the line in a very overt manner. Its not the first time of course, but unless all of us start to shout about it, it most certainly won't be the last.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

EDL Leaders Arrested on Way to Protest and their Homes Raided

Old Holborn has also covered this, but I'd like to throw in my two penn'orth.

Members of the EDL were arrested on their way to a joint march with the SDL in Scotland. Here is a statement about the arrest by the EDL.

By contrast, here is a report on the march itself by the BBC.

Notice the fact that the EDL arrests were not mentioned: also note the fact that the march is reported as an anti-fascism march by the UAF and others, including trades unions.

Note also that the homes of the EDL members were raided. Now I assume these homes are several miles away from where the members were arrested, so the search of their homes shows some premeditation on the part of the Police to detain EDL members and use that as an excuse to go on a fishing expedition.

Note that this sort of Police activity isn't confined to so-called extremists: remember the case of Damian Green, the MP who was arrested and had his home searched by anti-terror Police, all because he was using a source in the Home Office to brief against the government? Same trick: arrest, intimidation, bullying. Of a democratically elected representative.

Now, I always say if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then its a duck. I'll let you the reader decide whether this looks suspiciously close to Authoritarianism, Nazism, Communism, or just a plain old Police State. But, when you see people openly being denied their right to speak out against anti-democratic practices, then you can't deny the fact any longer. In fact it only re-inforces the standpoint of those arrested and denied their democratic rights and any casual observer who cares to see past the media smokescreen and see the truth: that people are only allowed to demonstrate a viewpoint allied to that of the government. Anything else  will be suppressed.

At the end of their statement, the EDL say they will be gathering outside Parliament on the 5th of March. It may be time for those of us who want this country free of tyrrany to join them in their protest.

To those who are monitoring EDL activity and come by this blog because I've linked to their pages, I say thank you for your time, but there is nothing to see here. I am a patriot and I'm disgusted at the social engineering project being wrought by this Labour Government. I'm also disgusted at the actions of a once impartial Police force in suppressing the voices of those that dissent from the status quo. Free speech is just that: it is free from influence or duress of any kind. It is my right to say things that others may find offensive, it is my right to say things others find uncomfortable, it is my right to say things even if you believe them to be untrue. That is my right.That is the right of anyone, including people like the EDL. No matter how unpalatable their message is to those in power, their right to say it is one I'll defend, just as their opponents have their right to rebut the EDL's message.