Sunday, 12 December 2010

Search and Rescue Fleet to be Sold off

I commend every reader of this blog to write to their MP and oppose any moves to make this proposal a reality.

I for one would not like to be out at sea, or in the wild areas of this country and know that if some mishap befalls me, I'll be subject to the whims of a private company's balance sheet. Would it be profitable to rescue me or would it make more financial sense to the company to leave me be, or suffer a more tortuous and protracted rescue?


  1. Exactly.

    When you dive in Egypt you have to lodge your insurance details with the dive centre. This is because if an incident does take place the Search and Rescue will not take off without it being confirmed that there is surety that they will be paid for the exercise.

  2. and it has caused delays in the past for SaR missions to be started.


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