Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Step too Far

Today, David Cameron announced closer military co-operation with the French.

Today, David Cameron effectively signed away the future ability of our armed forces to act independantly of any other country. The armed forces are not sovreign if they depend on the assests of another country to conduct operations.

This is a very dark day for the independance of the UK, as it slides into becoming a state or county within a European Super State.

This is no joke now: what was initially a trading bloc of sovreign countries is, under marxist ideological leadership rapidly becoming a union very much like the USSR. Within the past week alone, we have todays announcement with the French, we also had last week's decision to pay the E.U. more money despite the biggest ever recession alongside their ability to scrutinise our budget, and the E.U. comission is promoting E.U.-wide VAT.

There are mutterings about how the agreement with the French will affect our relationship with the U.S. I can tell you now, it won't affect it one jot, as Barack Obama is cast from the same global governance die.

Those of us who value freedom, or who have fought to preserve it, need to look very closely at our consciences and decide if the path we are on is right for this country.

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