Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Sick Joke That is MultiCulturalism

Angela Merkel announced the other week that multiculturalism has failed. I and many others have known this for a number of decades, but only now are politicians seeing the folly of the foolhardy project that is multiculturalism.

Now before I get tarred as a racist, I don't have a problem with immigration. I lived in a multicultural area back in the sixties. I had friends of all creeds and races.

I grew up surrounded by Eastern European immigrant families who stayed here after World War Two. They integrated into society and when they wanted a cultural centre, they all chipped in together and set up their own community centre: no government money was asked or extorted.

I saw the first wave of asian immigrants arrive, who also integrated, being successful acedemically and becoming doctors and lawyers.

The second wave came and I saw the rise of the cliched asian corner shop: it was truly open all hours and thrived because of the ingenuity of its owners in exploiting their religion to provide a more convenient service for its local community.

I saw the influx of Chinese and Vietnamese and the conversion of the local chippy from one selling pies and chips to one selling something more exotic (and what became a vice of mine at an early age: plain beansprouts in soy sauce).

But then came the idea of "multiculturalism": a culture where people never integrated, where they never attempted to learn English, where they cajoled the state into providing community centres and language translation, which brought with it forced arranged marriages, honour killings, ghettos, human trafficking, gangs, racism, imposition of sharia law over UK law, radicalism, bhurkas, positive discrimination and all the other negative aspects of immigration.

Multiculturalism to me is a sick joke, mainly because I know how good things can be if it was left to happen organically and government doesn't stick its oar in. It has truly failed, and to help immigrants drag themselves from  the ghettos, to promote education, to really make a difference and benefit their adopted country and also their own communities, we need to start thinking in terms of integration. To aspire to become the best that UK culture allows, not to allow the baggage of their previous generations to hold them back.


The more I think about it, the more I research, the more I find that "multiculturalism" is counter-productive. I mean, why would you deliberately set out to emphasise the differences between cultures, it can only cause trouble? Why would you impoverish certain ethnic groups enough so that they fight each other, as in the gang culture? Why would you promote such isolationist policies that people would live in the UK for decades, yet still wouldn't be able to communicate directly with various agencies: who has the vested interest in being the go-between? Why would you allow a mysogenistic legal framework to stand in the UK after decades of fighting for women's rights?

The more I look at the the whole mess, I can only think its a deliberate ploy to keep minorities subsumed, an isolated minority group under the control of a handful of people that attain power by posing as go-betweens. The gang culture is allowed to happen in order for black youth to concentrate on killing each other, rather than attaining a decent level of education and integration.

I can only wonder if this strategy of non-integration is promoted so that one day sometime in the future, someone from the political elite can use minorities as scapegoats. The more they are different, the more they stand out. The more isolated they are, the easier is is for the larger population to dehumanise them.

The more integrated they are in society, the harder it is to single minorities out. Just think about that.

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