Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Today in Politics.

Several blokes said several soundbites that will be reported in tomorrows papers.

But not one fucking solid, concrete thing has changed in politics since the change of government.

None of the heinous laws passed by Labour has been repealed.

We still have troops in Afghanistan despite it being an unwinnable campaign.

The banks are pissing too much of our money away in bonuses instead of lending it out to customers.

The government is still borrowing at a phenomenal rate, actually up on the earth-scorching spanding levels of this time last year if you can believe it.

Several people will make several speeches over the coming weeks during conference season. However words aren't enough. Where are the deeds to go along with them? Where are the actions, the changes, the concrete chnages that will change this country for the better?

Sadly, they are lacking, like they've been lacking for decades now.

Just who will sweep away the window dressing of the past and start to govern, rather than bluster.

Or is this an indication that we've eneterd a new era, where Westminster politics are largely irrelevant? Is the real power, the real engine of change, the real deed-doer now ensconsed in a building in Brussels or Strasburg?

I do wonder why there's a lack of actual action. Is our government so hamstrung by EU legislation that they can't even sneeze without approval from the EU.

Next time you see an MP, just ask them what have they actually, physically done (not what they've promised and failed to do) to make this country a better place for its residents?

For the life of me I can't think of any MP, anywhere in government that has for a very, very long time.

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