Saturday, 11 September 2010


Over the past decade, I've noticed people try and have a go at grasping the essence of "Britishness". You know, that thing that Socialist, Communists and everyone else that wants a piece of UK PLC hates. The fact that those in charge and those that want to be in charge hate Britishness so much is the reason the country is in the fucked-up paranoid state its in at the moment. Those at the top have an identity crisis because the identity the majority of us want to project, the image that gets tourists flocking here and gets us respect around the world, is the very thing they want to snuff out and replace with their own regime.

Many would argue that iconic Britishness is stuff like cricket, pubs, quirky practices passed on from history.

But I'd argue that Britishness isn't about the visuals, its about ideology.

Its about fair play, respect, democracy and yes, sticking the boot in to teach people a lesson when we're threatened.

So, if fair play and democracy are quintissentially British, why are we in the corrupt, undemocratic European super-state?

The same question can be asked of Sharia Law: Why in some cases is it being allowed to supercede Bristish laws and conventions, to the detriment of (especially female) British citizens?

Why have we recinded age-old acts of Parliament, in favour of new rules from the EU?

Why have we swapped our age-old legal system with all its enshrined protections like "innocent until PROVEN guilty" for a flawed, unfair one?

Why haven't we, as a nation put the boot in and stopped this subsumation of Britishness by foreign ideology?

It really is time the wholesale destruction of all things British was halted. Lets be honest, I've long since argued that things can't be preserved in aspic and progress will always happen. But why replace something that has worked for centuries with something worse?

Its about time we stopped apologising for being British, stopped the Bristish-haters in their tracks and started to reverse the aparrent slide into a Muslim/Marxist super-state.

It makes you wonder why people want to destroy everything that stands for Britishness. Is it because they know, in the end its a far fairer, far better way of life than the one they have?

Our mottos should be: "We are British, we stand for freedom from tyranny, we stand proud, and we'll kick the living daylights out of anyone that denys us our Britishness".


  1. "Many would argue that iconic Britishness is stuff like cricket, pubs, quirky practices passed on from history."
    What you appear to be talking about is Englishness and England rather than Britishness. It's England that is the forgotten part of the UK, the only country in the EU that doesn't have its own parliament/assembly and which is constantly denigrated and ignored by the British state. Gordon Brown put great stead in "Britishness" and British values, there was even a campaign in the Telegraph about this. Yet in all this, the English have no voice, are not asked about whether they wish to remain in Union with the rest of the UK. Derided as right wingers and racists when protesting about issues that concern us (the EDL) with few willing to represent what the English want in a UK parliament as their mandate is to the UK as a whole. Even the EU wants to break England up into regions, as did John Prescott and the threat hasn't gone away.
    So, sod your Britishness, the only British thing about me is the wording on my passport, I'm English, a threatened majority, ignored by the political state, constantly put down, derided by the establishment as racist for flying my flag during the world cup. Named as violently inclined by Jack Straw and sick to death of English institutions being hijacked as so called British values.
    Britishness is not for me, nor do I see it as being for Scots, Welsh or Irish who don't see themselves particularly as British either. Seems you like the political classes see the English alone as British, we're not, that ended in 1997 when the Labour party devolved powers to Scotland and Wales. Britain is dead, long live England.

  2. Great sacrifices were made and great battles fought by the English to forge this United Kingdom, its the enemies of England that also wishes to split the Union.

    To deny the importance of the Union is to deny the heritage and History of England.

    To me they are one and the same. They should be fought for and preserved with no lesser intent.


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