Friday, 24 September 2010

Bloggers Ground Down?

I see that we've lost or about to lose or at the very least suffer long bouts of inactivity from yet another blogger: Obo is wiping off the pancake and saying goodbye for a while. It wasn't long ago the Rantin' Rab did a dissappearing act too.

I can understand. There has been a change of government and very little of anything has changed. Why carry on, why bother blathering about the state of the world when words don't get the job done. Its just different idiots in suits asking the taxpayer to be bent over and fucked. As a blogger its very hard to carry on given that you can't see any reason to continue. I've been there, taking a short hiatus when I couldnt be arsed.

I think the time has come for the blogosphere to recognise that mere words alone won't do. There needs to be action: whatever form this action takes is irrelevant, but there needs to be something tangible in the real world to go along with the virtual blogging. Otherwise what are we all doing this for?

At the very least, there needs to be some sort of organisation, to collate and promote blogs and blogging. Organisation also strengthens our resistance against attack, which will inevitably come. Better to be organised now than have to react in an emergency.

So, maybe 2011 is the year that blogging needs to come of age: to broaden the reach, to increase the effectiveness of what us as bloggers do.

Without that, then all of us are sat at our computers typing away for nothing.

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