Sunday, 2 May 2010

Rewarding Failure

When the banks overstratched themselves, we bailed them out. We rewarded their failure to be financially prudent.

Now Greece is having similar problems, we're bailing them out. Again, we're rewarding failure.

How on earth will anyone learn? How on earth can be hope to create a decent society, when its ok to make an almighty financial cock-up, because a bunch of politicians will throw taxpayers money (without asking them if its ok) into the hole to shore it up?

The idiots in charge will never stop, because someone else, somewhere else, will foot the bill for their incompetance.

Just once I'd like to be asked whether I'd prefer to continue bailing out idiots, or suffer the consequences of not bailing them out. Thats choice: REAL choice, which is in short supply this election.

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  1. The problem is it's the one club, that no matter how badly you behave you can't be thrown out of.
    I'm sure we will see the same with all the Eastern EU countries soon.(and Spain is nearly there as well)

    And the mind boggles as to how they are going to deal with Turkey once it gets its membership card


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