Tuesday, 2 February 2010

How Policing Has Changed...

I came across this video on YouTube of a demo in 1979 demanding Citizens band Radio in the UK.

Ignore the 70s clothes and haircuts and look at the Policing style. Remember, the people on the demo were at the time most probably engaged in an illegal activity (using illegal imported AM CB Radios) and are seen here on a demo actively promoting that this illegal activity be legalised.

What do you think would happen these days? Dawn raids on those illegal radio users? Something to be stamped out before it got started? Online profiling and surrepticious infiltration of the demonstrators by plain clothes Police? Intrusive recording of the demonstration? Huge databases of names, addresses, vehicle number plates? Police tooled up in anti-stab vests, crash helmets and riot shields? Aggressive Police tactics?

Look at the video. Look at how our Police have changed from being part of the community with respect for the public and in return being respected.

Look at the video. Look how much we have lost.


  1. We have lost everything and gained nothing Del. Most will never be recovered either. What a country we've left for our children and grandchildren.

  2. A lot has been lost on both sides. Whenever you talk to an "old-school" Policeman, you can really understand that they "get" the fact they've lost a huge amount of respect.

    Thats the price they pay for being more intrusive in our lives and being used to collect taxes. Thats the price we pay for letting things get this far.


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