Wednesday, 24 February 2010


This report by the BBC on a speech made by George Osborne, says volumes about how Labour percieve the world.

Its obviously through several layers of rose-tinted lenses, as to state so dellusionally that "Since 1997, the UK has seen the biggest increase in income per person of any nation in the G7."I guess I can see where they're coming from: I suppose before the financial shitstorm that Labour created happened, that statement could be true, but not today, not after we're in so much debt, not after thousands of full-time jobs have been replaced by part-time ones, not after we've been deluged with millions of immigrant workers, not after failing to reduce the 5 million unemployed, not after running up a huge national debt.... need I go on.

Labour really are dellusional, they exist in an alternate reality which seems to exist only in the bubble of Westminster.

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