Monday, 8 February 2010

"After the Next Election..."

I predict will become the most over-used phrase of Labour's election campaign.

Always with the promise of Jam tomorrow, all you have to do is put a tick in their box at election time.

But we know already, that Labour are the party of broken promises, having already gone to court to prove that election manifestos don't need to be ahered to.

So why would anyone vote for a party that have have proved, legally that its ok to lie in order to get elected?

Why would you vote for a party that promises lots of new and wonderful things if they are able, quite legitimately to withdraw those promises once they get in?

You might like to vote for one of the other parties, but to be honest, if the legal precedent applies to Labour, it applies to them equally.

Instead, vote a local independant MP. At the very least, they will vote as their concience dictates. You can also talk to them and maybe influence their decision-making. Certainly they'll not be voting as dictated by half a dozen elite people and a perty whipping system.

Just another thing, what is it with all the tears in the Labour party. Suddenly they've gone all soft or something. Is this a viable election strategy, to get us to vote for them because we pity them? NEVER make decisions based on pity.

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