Monday, 4 January 2010

Wootton Bassett

I'm loving the fact that Labour are having kittens over the idea that Islamic fundamentalists might want to march through Wooton Bassett.

They'd rather gnaw off their left leg than cause affront to Muslims, but then again they'd gnaw off their right allowing anything to happen that might mean they lose votes. So Labour are left without a leg to stand on, thanks to their half-baked "multiculturalism". You reap what you sow you moronic arseholes, enjoy!

Banning the march sets a precedent against free assembly, speech and expression that I can't personally condone. Let them have their march, let the newspapers, Sky, BBC and ITV news stay away, let the villagers of Wootton Bassett ignore them with dignity.

Of course instead we know the opposite will happen:

Alan Johnson will make noises about banning the march to big up his profile for the post-election leadership race, but never go through with it because (a) he's incompetant and (b) Labour hate to repress minorities.

The English Defence League will threaten to turn up, which means consequently that the Unite Against Fascism rent-a-mob thugs will turn up, yadda-yadda. Big Police presence, march probably banned but not until the day its supposed to happen, lots of protesters still turn up, fights break out...... it won't be pretty.

Which eventually I suppose will give the government the opportunity to officially close down the public displays of solidarity and respect to those fallen soldiers that pass through Wootton Bassett. After all, every funeral cortege that gets publicity is another nail in Labour's coffin. The Scottish Stalin doesn't like that one bit, it must be eradicated, erased and removed from history. By any means and at any cost.


  1. Oh Del, I do hope you're wrong, but that man who was born in my country will go to any lengths to stay in power. Hell mend him.

  2. I still maintain there's a very real chance of the election being postponed, because he's so delusional.

    The media attention and the ceremonies at Wootton Bassett were fine for the government as long as the number of soldiers being repatriated was low. Now they are being brought back so often, its becoming a source of embarrassment, so I'm sure the government would like it all to go away. What better excuse than to avoid violent protests?


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