Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Why are the Left so Behind in the Blogospheric War?

Under the surface of the blogosphere and on political sites especially, there is a constant sniping battle going on about how the right wing sites are successful so therefore they must be financed behind the scenes and the Left clamour for more money in order to brige the blogospheric gap between the two ideologies.

Money isn't the problem.

Its Labour and the left. Who in their right mind wants to stand up and sanction the madhouse that is currently the Labour party and especially the nutters in the cabinet? Not one of their policies even comes close to the needs and wants of the majority of the population. So why would someone like me, an ordinary person create a blog to praise these mad policies?

So instead, to try and redress the balance, we have the professional or semi-professional left-wing blogs, run by apparatchiks and ideological dingbats who steadfastly refuse to contradict anything Labour does.

New policy will never come from readily agreeing with the staus quo. Right now, Labour is on course to be obliterated at the next election. Right now they need a radical change of direction. Right now, left wing blogs should be crying loudly for change in order to avert disaster. Instead, they clamour for more of the same.

Not even those the right would class as the "standard" Labour voter, those people on benefits who thrive under leftist welfare policies are blogging in any significant way. Not because they don't have the nous to: anyone can set up a blogger account. Its not because they don't have internet access: talktalk provide really cheap access should you need it. No, its because they don't care about politics. They are happy to receive the benefits, but don't really care where they come from or who is in power delivering them. They will I'm sure, become very vocal once those benefits start to disappear though. One of the reasons I predict riots this year.

The issue in all of this is that those very recipients of spendthrift Labour policies feel so devolved from politics and the political process and have been for decades, that they don't feel they can change anything. Thats why they vote and support Labour: not because they've looked at the policies, but because their father voted Labour, or they believe (in my opinion wrongly) that the Labour party still stands up for the working (and nowadays non-working) class.

The final reason for the lack of Left-of-Centre support in the blogosphere is that the people that do watch politicians, do understand politics and blog about it all are the middle classes. The people that Tony Blair famously courted and Gordon Brown has made his life's work to castigate. The people that only now, at the eleventh hour, Gordon Brown is trying to placate. However, empty rhetoric without actions will not impress the chattering classes. If they have the opportunity, they will speak this year, they will remove him from power.

The sad news is that Dismal Dave's mob, for all their online support are no better.

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