Thursday, 21 January 2010

Kraft vs Cadburys

Hopefully the Kraft's deal to buy Cadburys will die before it really begins. Numerous people on this side of the Atlantic have come out opposing the deal, even Kraft Shareholders like Warren Buffett think the deal is a step too far for the company.

I'm reminded of this headline:

Yes, that was Heinz taking HP Sauce production abroad. Another takeover of a UK institution which ended in jobs going abroad.

I've had almost first-hand experience of something similar: I worked for ICLs manufacturing division and left when I saw the writing on the wall. A year later the whole division was hived off into a new entity called D2D. Not long after, it was sold to Canadian firm Celestica, who eventually closed all the UK manufacturing plants down and moved the work and jobs to Eastern Europe.

It really seems that our companies, our skills, our heritage, are all open for the higest bidder to remove. Just what do we, the working folk of this country get in return? Any idea anyone? Because I don't see any benefit in the decades-long firesale of our country's jobs. Just what will we be left with, ashes of a once-great nation, to tread into dust as we walk to our low-income third-world jobs?

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