Sunday, 10 January 2010

Gordon Brown's Winter Pledge

Gordon Brown has stepped in and pledged that grit and gas supplies won't run out. Lord help us, because we all know as soon as Gordoom meddles in something, it all goes to hell.

I was at work yesterday and didn't see much of the headlines, but now I know why all the panic buying has been going on.

How is it that we have an unelected Prime Minister that no-one in the country - not even his cabinet trusts or supports, yet still remains in power. What do we have to do? Storm Westminster and demand his head?

For me, there is something seriously flawed in a system that allows a leader to stay in place despite having absolutely no backing from the overwhelming majority of the country. It certainly calls our so-called democracy into disrepute. For me, the concept of being allowed once every 5 years by the political elite to choose which of their pre-selected candidates gets to govern us is wearing a bit thin. I want choice: choice not only to select the MP that represents me amongst the 646 in Parliament, but I want the choice to select which of those 646 represents the country. I want the ability to have my say, for my concerns to go directly to Westminster and if necessary be debated there. I want the ability to sanction my representative if he fails in his duty or becomes corrupt immediately and not have to wait until the next election is gifted to me.

I want true, representative democracy. Maybe then I won't begrudge paying all these taxes.

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