Tuesday, 19 January 2010

ClimateGate: IPCC Caught out Again

It seems that the IPCC have been caught making spurious claims to back up its global warming thesis. 

Dr van Ypersele said:
"I don't see how one mistake in a 3,000-page report can damage the credibility of the overall report".

I can. It damages the credibility of a report because it shows a tendency to include any unfounded, unproven statement that backs up your thesis.  It shows a tendency to sex-up any and all statements in your favour and label them as fact. It shows an apparent desperation to prove your point.

It shows that once you start really looking and scrutinising man-made global warming, cracks start to appear in the so-called "settled" science.

I can thoroughly recommend the EUReferendum blogsite for bloody good read and a determined campaign to out the scam that is man-made global warming.

In fact I really should add it to my list of sites....

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