Saturday, 5 December 2009

Targeting the Bloggers: BloggerGate?

There has been in the past few months, a worrying trend towards harrassing bloggers. Several have aparrently shut up shop over the past weeks, thanks to the hassle. The highest profile blog being Anna Racoon, who is now keeping her blog alive guest hosting.

The lastest casualty being the ever excellent Subrosa, who I've followed for ages, and who has regularly commented on my blog. Her blog now has restricted access, which is a pity as her pithy observations of the Scottish political climate as well as her more general observations will be missed.

The thing is though, either this person or persons behind this are pretty fucked up in the head and get some perverted joy out of this, or there are more sinister reasons for this open season on blogs. I just hope that there is something more behind this rather than some geeky turd knocking one out because he caused a blog to close, because that'd be a pretty sad story.

To be honest, this latest trend doesn't bother me, as my stats are way below anything that would register on anyone's radar. I'd be a pretty irrelevant scalp. To be honest if you're reading this, you're one of a pretty select group of people. Thank you.

Not that I'd be a scalp, as I'm not the sort that takes the role of victim. When I started blogging, I had a lot to think about. I have enough skeletons in my closet to remake Jason and the Argonauts. However, I'm far from ashamed about my past or my present activities and if anyone wants to make them public in any way, be my guest. They are already public in other fora and it doesn't take a brain surgeon or master hacker to do a google search and make the link.
Anyone that does, will get a huge "who fucking cares?" from me.


  1. Hi Del. It all started with someone telling me my personal details. That was bad enough. Then the 'journalist' started with the 'nice emails' which turned to really nasty so I had to take steps immediately and the police closed my blog. I'd no idea then what would happen.

    As it is I've had tremendous support and help from the professionals and I'm aiming to reopen shortly once I get the legal go ahead and do the techy things (which is taking me days!).

    It would have been easier to say sod it and that's it but these people have to be shown they can't intimidate like this.

    Del they're targeting Scottish nationalist supporters so you're safe.

    Anyway I don't have a huge following but I'm overwhelmed with the lovely emails and remarks such as yours. Thanks.

    (If this ever happens again I'll just divert them to Del's place) :-)

  2. Hardly a journalist worthy of the title if they had to resort to threats. I've been on the periphery of a few tabloid storys, in that I personally knew some of the people involved and I wasn't impressed by the way they delighted in wrecking ordinary people's lives just for some salacious page-filling.

    Glad you're getting things sorted by the way.
    By all means send them this way: I could do with some stalkers to boost my stats...


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