Thursday, 17 December 2009

Newsnight "Science"

I saw it last night and its doing the rounds of the blogosphere: The episode in last Note at the start,  night's NewsNight where man made global warming was supposedly proven in a reporters kitchen.

The experiement was two large bottles in front of spotlamps. One filled with air, one filled with air and extra CO2 provided by a DIY mixture of vinegar and baking soda. The "CO2 Enhanced" bottle showed a 4 degree increase in temperature, supposedly caused by the increased CO2 content.

This was touted on the programme as science, but hang on, this is kitchen worktop science and in no way correlates to the atmosphere.

For instance, did the mixture in the CO2-rich bottle exactly correlate to the concentration of CO2 the warmists say we'll get, or was it a higher concentration, to falsely enhance the result? Note at the start, the scientist added the CO2, screwed the cap on the bottle and....... nothing happened. Nada, zilch. There was no sudden increase in temperature. It was only after a suspicious break in the filming and cut back to the kitchen that suddenly there was a convenient 4 degree difference.

So, hardly the proven, repeatable, accurate science we need to believe in man made warming at all.

And to be honest, this is an indication of how NewsNight has changed recently. I've watched the dumbing down of "normal" news programmes and now NewsNight, which resisted the trend for a while seems to be following suit.


  1. Its the women in black trouser suits. Now don't pretend you don't know what I mean....

  2. Erm... and you might well ask why the flagship news programme is having a "festive season break" from 18th Dec to 4th Jan. Couldn't be because of the traditional end of year review which might consist largely of a parade of dishonest and incompetent politicians? Could it? How cynical of me to even allow the thought.......


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