Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The New BattleGround

In recent times I've started to form an idea of the next battle humankind will face. Its not global warming: busting that myth will eventually go mainstream. Its not poverty: poverty is a man-made phenomenon. Its not war: war is man-made as well.

No, the next battleground humankind will face is ideological.

Okay, let me explain. Currently there are several streams, running in parallel. All seperate, but with the same goal in mind: control of humanity. We have corporations, who want a one-world government that allows unfettered, universal trade across the whole globe, socialists who want a one-world government where everyone and evrything is as poor as the rest of the world, fascists who want a one-world government which controls every aspect of our lives and finally we have the religious extremists, who want a one-world government run by theologues that favour a particular religion.

These theological and ideological streams have never been closer and all work towards the same goal: a single world government.

However, there will be a battle between these factions for our hearts and minds. Some say its already begun with the corporatists striking a blow against the theologists in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I forsee the battle becoming more heated as the streams work together to forge their unified globe. As the globe becomes more unified, so I see the battles to control that unity becoming ever more fierce, until the winner emerges.

Of course the losers in all of this are us, the little people: the cannon fodder, the targets, the subjects, to be used exploited and extorted at will by whoever gains complete dominance. I'm sorry to say that this is the fate that awaits those generations that follow me.

The sad thing is that all those one-worlders are well-resourced, how do you compete against them, let alone defeat them? Now I've identified the battle, maybe I can have a go at figuring out an answer to that very question.

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