Thursday, 17 December 2009

Anthrax and Heroin: The New Doomsday Weapon?

I remember reports earlier on in the year that the heroin growers in Afghanistan had moved to refining their produce. This was part of a report saying how there seemed to be an aparrent lack of heroin on the streets considering the amount that was being grown.

Now obviously its too early to produce a definate link, but what if the Taliban, Al-Qaeda or whoever wanted to hold back production to refine a new weapon, adding a deadly infectious agent with heroin? Its an ideal medium, as the product is sealed for transport, therefore as long as production is done safely producers, distributors and couriers shouldn't become infected unless they sample the produce. Only the end users become infected and they willingly inject it into their bodies.

Now I'm not saying this report is evidence of anything of the sort, but it does make you think, doesn't it?

Makes you also hope that the stockpiles of smallpox are secure.


  1. why would you kill youre best customers `PRICK

  2. Because they'd be an expendable biological delivery system, the users of which care not that they survive, only that they fulfil their function by injecting and spreading disease into the wider population, thats why.


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