Saturday, 21 November 2009

Yet Another CO2 Scare

Okay, the day after the blogosphere opens the pandoras box and exposes the myth that is Man Made Global Warming, we get yet another CO2-related scare in the news. I assume in an effort to say increased CO2 doesn't just cause global warming.

Well, increased CO2 levels causing lower Ph levels is something I and many aquarists know about. And this scare is another load of bollocks. In an aquarium's closed environment, yes increased CO2 does cause a significant Ph drop, but there's enough buffering material in the oceans to absorb huge amounts of CO2 without having to worry about acidification for centuries. Plenty of time for organisms to adapt.

So just fuck off and find some other mug to palm your dodgy science off on you fuckwits.

Update: I really am annoyed about this study. Two sets of fish were put into a tank one had been reared in "normal" water and the other in water with a reduced Ph. The tank was fed by two streams of water, one from a tank full of predators, the other from a tank without predators. No mention of Ph or chemical content of the different streams, so no real correlation as the fish could be exhibiting a preference for each stream of water based on any number of different factors.

But the science must be made to fit: the fish brought up in reduced Ph water couldn't smell their predators and so acidification of oceans is bad. FFS. Where is the proof, the real, irrefutable proof that this is actually what is happening and not something else? Bet there isn't any.

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    Fingers crossed.


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