Sunday, 15 November 2009

Yeah, Forced Migration 40 Years Ago is a Real Priority

Violent Crime is Up, Street Crime is up, Drug use is up, Racial Tensions are rising. We are in the middle of the worst recession in recorded history. Our troops are dying on a weekly basis in Afghanistan for god only knows what reason (because our elected representatives are clueless).

What is such a huge priority that the government of the day has decided that the Prime Minister will devote time to?

Yes, he's going to apologise for forced child migration. Not long after I reported Parliament wasting precious time debating slavery. They really don't get it do they? They really don't get that all this round the edges fuckwittery just calls them into disrepute.

I really, really am convinced that these are clear indications of the amount of power and sovereignty we've handed over to the EU. Otherwise our elected representatives would be busy debating about and hammering out a plan to improve our financial situation. Instead, thanks to the EU now holding most of the power, all they can do in Westminister is debate about fucking non-issues, fiddling round the edges, while those outside in the real world face ever more hardship, unemployment and restraints on freedom.


  1. No they don't get it at all Del. This has been known about for years. TV documentaries have been made about it.

    What did labour day? Nothing.

    Now Brown is desperate for us to see him as a compassionate person. He allows soldiers bodies to be brought back from Ireland as freight. That's how compassionate he is.

  2. I agree entirely.

    Its the old Labour thing of being seen to be doing something, when there is nothing to do.

    The EU has taken most of their power away. How else would Parliament have had the longest summer reccess ever in the middle of the worst reccession ever?

    Now when back in Parliament, they fiddle round the edges: tinker and tweak. Because to do anything substantial means going to the EU for permission and approval.

    The story about the soldiers is awful. Any soldier, no matter where or when if killed in the line of duty should be repatriated with honour. But honour is something gravely missing in Parliament these days.


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