Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Money Down the Back of the Sofa.

It was heartening to see the Police in action this morning, doing their bit to reduce our fiscal deficit, by driving around in shiny new vehicles including a brand new, unmarked silver BMW 3 series (it seems Vauxhalls don't cut it any more in Plodland) and a raft of shiny new BMW motorcycles. In the space of 10 minutes, I saw no less than two cars followed and stopped, with a third Police motorcyclist staking out our local roundabout.

This, in an area where I have yet to see a copper walking the beat.

Yes, it looks like the boys in blue are just a few steps away from full integration into HMRC.

Welcome to the new plan: we are this and the next government's piggy bank and we will all be turned upside down and severely shaken until the money drops out of our pockets.

It seems this must be a new directive, because they've been working hard today. This evening the revenue gathering operation seemed to have moved to Havant.

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