Saturday, 28 November 2009

Climategate Inquiry

It looks as though the royal commission are to instigate an inquiry into the leak of information from East Anglia CRU.

You'll note, the inquiry deals with the leak, NOT the insubstantive nature of the methods, data and computer models used by the CRU to support their hypothesis.

I smell the odour of whitewash.

Especially as the great and the good are setting up the mother of all tax grabs at the Copenhagen Climate Summit. This is an opportunity not to be missed: photo ops with the sainted Obama, opportunities to redistrubute more wealth from us into big corporations and excuses to prevent the emerging world from overtaking the established western economies too fast.

Nothing, I repeat nothing, will get in the way of Copenhagen panning out the way the elite want it to pan out.

Well, nothing except the blogosphere and our ability to keep pushing a point on a global scale. And push we will.

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