Friday, 20 November 2009

ACPO Threatening Governments Now?

It seems that ACPO (a Public limited company and therefore not publicly accountable) is making direct threats to the Conservative Party, if they insist on making the Police more accountable to the local public

Its very interesting that ACPO, a company that controls the Police force and is in no way accountable for the public money it receives, is threatening what would be a publicly elected and accountable government.

How fucking dare they?

ACPO it seems, need taking down a peg or to. Either they need to be disbanded altogether, or made more publicly accountable.

It is NOT right that an unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable body should receive public money. "No taxation without representation" also equates to "No public funding without public accountability".

Of course Sir Hugh Orde's comments about Police independance from political pressure would be fine, if they hadn't morphed into some paramilitary force of occupation that gets involved with and has powers over a vast swathe of our lives, and swaggers about the land lording it over us all instead of being public servants. If the Police were still a civil organisation, not headed by a public limited company, if they were accountable to an independant elected committee rather than an unelected directorship, then his words might have some resonance. But instead, his position is incomprehensible and to be honest quite offensive to me.

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